1. Fri, 10 Oct 2014 03:43:30 GMT
    By Tony Q and Plain Jane Francis
    A fun track from the dynamic duo. A new video on youtube every Mon. Search: LeewayMGMT
  2. Tue, 29 Jan 2013 05:01:15 GMT
    By Swell Daze
    Alternative/Hard Rock band from James Madison University, VA
  3. Mon, 17 Feb 2014 23:46:40 GMT
    The Bird Path
    By Beauty Minus Beast
    This song is about a path in my hometown that I used to walk down in the summertime. It's pretty autobiographical.
  4. Thu, 02 Oct 2014 13:48:03 GMT
    By Stanley Ipkuss
    Produced by Milky Fella, from the 3-track EP "dopesick=\" by Stanley Ipkuss.
  5. Wed, 15 Feb 2012 23:02:07 GMT
    My Medicine
    By The RainDoggs w/ Larisa Montanaro
    Picture Tom Waits and Snoop Dogg in a 68 Camaro driving from New Orleans to LA, and it’s all being filmed by David Lynch.
  6. Tue, 19 Feb 2013 20:09:17 GMT
    The Weight
    By Amigo The Devil
    From the "Diggers" EP, available for FREE download at amigothedevil(dot)com Produced by Andrew Kline
  7. Fri, 05 Jul 2013 12:31:42 GMT
    Blind Willard
    By The Beans
    Blind Willard is a farcical tale about a figurine he found in a thrift shop and who has loosely become the band's mascot.
  8. Fri, 22 Feb 2013 18:21:36 GMT
    By Black Chamber
    Black Chamber is a Portland, Oregon based trio that blends the improvisational sounds of modal jazz with the moods and rhythms of downtempo electronica
  9. Tue, 28 Jan 2014 17:52:46 GMT
    Memory Garden
    By Passenger Peru
    From the self-titled album now available on digital and cassette formats.
  10. Tue, 06 May 2014 20:05:47 GMT
    Hurt Me
    By Sonya Teclai
    The California raised singer/rapper/songwriter is back with a new single called "Hurt Me" (a perfect blend of r&b, hip hop, and neo-soul). The song is reminiscent of the past with a new age spin, as Sonya sings and raps about a man whom she allows herself to compromise her standards for. With her sultry vocals, raw rap, and honest lyrical content she has proven to be in a league of her own.
  11. Wed, 13 Feb 2013 19:14:39 GMT
    By Gleemer
    One man project out of New York City. You can have all of my music for free. gleemer.bandcamp.com
  12. Tue, 11 Mar 2014 04:10:47 GMT
    By Sonya Teclai
    "Funk" off of Sonya's solo debut project "Veridical Paradox".
  13. Mon, 16 Jun 2014 15:12:07 GMT
    By Sonya Teclai
    Vibe Magazine calls Own "her otherworldly mix of Jeep-ready beats, politically/intimately pointed lyrics, and buttery smooth/tight trigger delivery." While also touching on Sonya's "street-savvy/sensual style". "Own" is the first release and single off of Sonya's new EP "Heatwave", set to release this summer. The song has an eclectic/new age edge while still maintaining an r&b/jazz feel.
  14. Thu, 09 Oct 2014 05:00:11 GMT
    Find A Way
    By AfterSound
    Anthemic indie/alternative rock about pushing through anything in your way
  15. Tue, 28 Jan 2014 22:42:43 GMT
    The riotous new single “Animal” has just been released by alt-rock mainstays Engloria as a free MP3 for fans. The Thumping bassline hooks listeners in immediately, evoking the crunch of the early 90?s, while the dual vocals from brothers James and Brandon Stewart completely gnarl on the track. The head banging single is a highlight off the band’s forthcoming album Evolver, available now on iTunes. Thrash along!
  16. Sat, 02 Aug 2014 15:19:14 GMT
    Technology (Keeping Us Apart) v2.0
    By Fronz Arp
    This song is about that hard-to-define, diminishing humanity caused by focus on disembodied online relationships. The disconnection of being able to create yourself online as you wish to be and then spread yourself around, make friends or meet partners, based on this false identity.
  17. Sat, 05 Jan 2013 06:31:53 GMT
    By Wodoo Wolcan
    Good Vibes shows the fledgling label continuing a strong dedication to dusty jazz and old school boom bap sensibilities. Embedded within a variety of lo-fi jazz crusted instrumentals is a delectable filling of classic hip hop lyric snippets and acapellas. If you are looking for jazz fused with grimy lo-fi dusty hip hop straight from the basement of a Swiss closet full of records and samplers, then this was made for your ears.
  18. Sun, 12 Oct 2014 04:50:00 GMT
    Blood on My Hands
    By Sleep Lyrical
    This is the second single off of the upcoming "Underground Unleashed" Mixtape.
  19. Thu, 16 Oct 2014 14:37:30 GMT
    Corduroy Kingston
    By Tyrone Schulace & his Pals
    he's looking for lust in all the usual places...
  20. Mon, 20 May 2013 13:34:38 GMT
    Wicked Little Girl
    By Dawn and Marra
    blends folk harmonies with indie attitude to create an original, fresh sound.
  21. Tue, 03 Jan 2012 20:04:25 GMT
    Declaration of Entropic (In)Dependence
    By Rare Monk
    Rare Monk is a group of five musicians from Portland, Oregon. With a sound that has continued to evolve since the band's formation, their repertoire combines elements of pop, rock, psych, jazz, and funk.
  22. Fri, 05 Jul 2013 12:22:28 GMT
    Wanting You
    By The Beans
    Wanting You is about the struggle of meeting someone who seems perfect for him while he is in a relatively happy long-term relationship with someone else.
  23. Wed, 02 Jan 2013 05:09:29 GMT
    This is It ft. Deniro Farrar & Child Actor
    By Blue Sky Black Death
    Blue Sky Black Death is a production duo with one foot in Seattle, one foot in San Francisco, who rose to Internet Prominence with their work with the Seattle MC Nacho Picasso. Now they've teamed up with the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Deniro Farrar for an EP entitled Cliff Of Death.
  24. Tue, 20 May 2014 04:58:55 GMT
    Sgt. Over - You N Me (Flume Remix)
    By DPSMG
    Sarge delivers You N Me (Flume Remix). This track has "summertime" written all over it